A personal support network is a group of people who are a part of your life and you can depend on. They can include all kinds of people - friends, relatives, co-workers, and neighbours. For people with disability, finding friendships and making personal connections in their community may present a challenge as in the past people have often relied on family, carers and workers to help them in all aspects of their life.

There are many other terms used to describe such a concept including networks of support, personal support networks, circle of friends, and circles of support. Benefits to developing and maintaining a personal support network include increased connectedness and community inclusion, nurturing relationships outside the family and helping individuals develop dreams and identify what can be done to make it happen.

The Developing Support Networks project provides information and resources to assist workers from non-government organisations in supporting people with disability to understand, develop and maintain personal support networks.

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Workshops for Frontline Managers

The Developing Support Networks one-day workshop assists frontline managers to understand their role in developing and maintaining personal support networks for people with disability.

Managers will gain an understanding of:

  • how current reforms, human rights and person-centred practice inform the development of support networks;
  • their role in this development, also considering the implications of factors such as professional boundaries;
  • the benefits of support networks; and
  • the tools and practical skills essential to develop and maintain support networks.

Public rounds of workshops have now been completed.  Contact us to discuss further opportunities for staff in your organisation.

Dion Beverakis – Person Centred Approaches Project Manager
Ph: 02 9256 3164 E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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