Client and Market Focus

House With No Steps : App 'My Pre-Planning Tool'

‘My Pre-Planning Tool’ is a planning and costing tool assisting individuals plan, explore supports and activities based on their individual needs prior to their NDIA planning meeting.

The tool incorporates two components:

  1. About Me pre-planning tool
  2. Scheduling tool - to be used post planning. It enables a costed calendar of planned flexible activities/supports to be developed.

This tool has undergone testing and improvements, however as this tool is more widely used additional adjustments may be required. Any required adjustments will be reflected in updates to the tool on the HWNS website.

Kempsey Respite Services Inc : Strategic marketing

Kempsey Respite Service Inc. received a joint grant with Bucketts Way Neighbourhood Group Inc., CRANES Community Support Programs Ltd., Inverell Disability Services t/a Brighter Access and National Respite Association Inc.

The Marketing Project sought the support of Melissa Reader from Purpose Agency to use organisational purpose as a framework to support honest and effective marketing strategies for smaller organisations. This project required workshopping with participant organisations to understand and draw upon organisational purpose and values for each of the providers, as vital inputs to an effective marketing strategy. 

Melissa ran a marketing presentation aligned with the NDS NDIS Readiness Forums in November 2015. The YouTube links and internet resources (coming soon) referred to throughout the presentation may also be useful to your organisations as you consider purpose in the NDIS environment.

To contact Melissa about her work on this project, please email Melissa at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Cerebral Palsy Alliance : Training courses for individuals and organisations to support the transition to the NDIS

Cerebral Palsy Alliance have developed a Client and Family Education program that provides life skills training that supports and develops individual capacity for those who have either individual packages and have chosen to self-manage or are transitioning to the NDIS. The Client and Family Education focuses on 4 key areas:

Bankstown Community Resource Group Inc : Employee to manage period of transition to NDIS marketplace

The 'Transition Management Project' has involved all Bankstown Community Resource Group (BCRG) staff and was led by consultants ‘Matrix on Board’. Matrix developed a number of recommendations aimed at assisting BCRG in their process of transformation. The aim of the project was to:

  • Better understand the current and future market
  • Identify key elements of a new viable business model
  • Identify possible changes to the organisational structure to match the new business model
  • Identify possible efficiency gains via the investigation of new systems and job costing tools

Bankstown Community Resource Group Inc. have kindly agreed to share 'Transition Management Project' Final Report.

NADO Inc : Pilot client engagement and service provision model 'New Directions Community Program'

The ‘New Directions’ initiative, sought to investigate, structure, and implement a pilot client engagement and service provision model. Its focus was to investigate the viability of Centre-Based programs within proposed NDIS funding structures consolidating an operational framework that can be financially sustainable within the accepted NDIS attributes of person-centred funding packages. Read the Project Report here.

Mai-Wel Ltd : 'Conversation Starter' Tool

Mai-Wel has developed the Conversation Starter Tool to help people with disability and their families have conversations with organisations to assist them to think and plan the supports needed to reach their goals and dreams. This tool is a great resource for staff to use with clients in getting ready for the NDIS.  Click here to go to the Mai-Wel website and download the tool.

Byron Shire Early Intervention Association Inc : Marketing, Staff training and IT Solutions - CRM and ITC infrastructure

Byron Shire Early Intervention Association Inc, Ballina Early Intervention, Jumbunna Community Pre-School & Early Intervention Centre, Tweed Valley Early Childhood Intervention Service Inc and Summerland Early Intervention Programme received a joint grant to achieve the following:

Develop a CRM; provide Key Worker training to staff; develop 'Train the trainer' transdisciplinary modules; purchase supportive electronic resources and obtain marketing consultation and marketing resources.

Vision Australia Limited : Employ Service Engagement Consultant

Vision Australia utilised the grant to ensure that NDIS participants who were blind or had low vision were able to exercise control over decisions that impact their everyday lives and have NDIS plans and supports that are appropriate and meet their individualised goals.

Staff and clients were educated about the NDIS and through several different avenues such as seminars, breakfasts and information sessions. This ensured that clients were able to receive the plans that would enable them to meet their individualised goals and staff were aware of the legislative changes and able to increase flexibility and broaden service delivery options to participants.

Newcastle Temporary Care Ltd : IT Solution - Integrated website and online booking service

Newcastle Temporary Care Ltd received funding for the development and customisation of an activity program-management module and to update existing website content.

Response Services Inc : IT Solution - Single entry web based system

Response Services produced an accessible, integrated web based application to provide a single point of entry for service users and staff to engage, communicate, store, organise, share and record information.

Novacare Inc : Branding package and other marketing solutions

Novacare has trained their staff in Stephen Ludin’s, FISH! Philosophy, to help build more connected teams, better communication, extraordinary service and higher retention.

Brain Injury Association of NSW Inc : Employ 'Community Voice Officer' in Transition

The Brain Injury Association of NSW (BIANSW) employed a Community Voice Officer (CVO) to assist approx. 92 members to access the NDIS in the Hunter. The CVO also developed appropriate NDIS information and analysis for all BIANSW members.

Northern Beaches Interchange Inc : Marketing Project Officer and Website

Northern Beaches Interchange (NBI) employed a Consumer and Marketing Officer to develop their organisations marketing and communication strategy. Outcomes of the projects included a new interactive website, improved social media presence and the upskilling of the management team in marketing and customer service.

Essential Employment and Training Ltd : IT Solution - Client management system

Essential Employment and Training (EET) have implemented a CRM to manage internal and external clients. The CRM was tailored for the range of supports the EET provide including employment services. This will enable optimal functionality for clients to manage their individual funding packages.

Inala : Development of a Marketing Strategy and Framework

Inala engaged a Marketing and Communication Consultant to develop a marketing plan to align Inala strategy for the transition to the NDIS. The Inala brand was developed with clear and concise marketing collateral including brochures, client portals, family portals, web and social media strategies.

In an effort to share learnings from the project Inala and the Marketing and Communications Consultant ran two information sessions stepping those attending through the process that Inala took to develop their brand. The presentation of these sessions and lessons learned are provided here for sector benefit.

On-Focus Inc : IT solution - Client management system

On Focus purchased a CRM to record client data, improve rostering and to create efficiencies in the organisation. The sector was informed through Networks and Communities of Practice, NDS regional meetings, individual presentations, consultation and meeting with other organisations.

Ningana Enterprises Inc : IT Solution - Case management software

Ningana purchased the Visicase web-based client management software system which has been configured to Ningana’s specific needs.

St George & Sutherland Community College : Website and consumer portal

St George and Sutherland Community College developed a fully accessible website (WCAG 2.0 AA specifications) for the people they support, their parents / carers, staff, volunteers, potential clients and interested public. The website will help facilitate the transition to the NDIS.

The Shepherd Centre : Website - promoting early intervention for parents of deaf children

The Shepherd Centre developed a new website to strengthen communication with families of young diagnosed deaf children, promote community inclusion of deaf children and improve system capacity and accountability. A consultant was chosen to develop the website and through consultation with clients, supporters and health care professionals to ensure the website met the objectives stated. Families were recruited to produce content (clips, stories, etc).

Bathurst Seymour Centre Inc : Aboriginal Client Project Officer

Bathurst Seymour Centre employed an Aboriginal Project Officer with the purpose of engaging and increasing services to the local Indigenous Community. Initial research was expanded and Outreach Services in Kelso identified as a major focal point of the project. This provided increased choice for clients who wished to participate however had difficulty accessing services in town.

Newcastle Meals on Wheels Inc : Employ Marketing Officer

Newcastle Meals on Wheels developed a marketing plan to understand where existing, emerging and potential new target markets are. Focus groups and street surveys were conducted to ascertain the public view of the service. A marketing plan was developed and the organisation was promoted as a vibrant, dynamic, forward thinking, choice driven food service.

The Housing Connection Ltd : Employ Marketing and Fundraising Consultant

The Housing Connection engaged an experienced Marketing and Fundraising consultant to provide strategic expertise to senior management and staff to increase the organisation’s capacity for sustainable growth and to update The Housing Connection brand.

FOCAS Shoalhaven Inc : Website development and other promotional material

FOCAS Shoalhaven Inc developed a modern website to promote the service with the capacity for staff and family log ins for administration and reporting. A new logo, appropriate signage and promotional material were also developed.

Warrah Society : Digital Media Strategy and Website

Warrah Society sought to improve communication through the use of technology. A Digital Media Plan was developed identifying strategic goals and how to support corporate marketing and branding strategy to target markets and drive growth.

Special Needs Support Group Inc : Marketing and Advertising Strategies and Activities

Special Needs Support Group Inc engaged a marketing consultant to enhance the organisation’s profile in the community through re-branding the organisation and develop new communication materials.

Minimbah Challenge Inc : Marketing and Advertising Strategies and Activities

Minimbah Challenge Inc developed an in depth marketing plan and strategic social media plan.

This involved setting up Facebook business site, inc data base for content management and train staff to use content management system to update website and Facebook.

The Salvation Army New South Wales Property Trust : Market research

The Salvation Army (NSW) worked with Silverlea Employment & Training Services to assist The Salvation Army and its organisational partners to understand the disability services market in Broken Hill and surrounding area assist an effective transition to NDIS provide opportunities to develop regional responses and future partnerships strengthen disability services delivery and supports for individual organisations within the region.

Awabakal Newcastle Aboriginal Co-op Ltd : Communications/Marketing Strategy and Implementation

Awabakal engaged a consultant to develop a marketing and communication strategy to gain greater exposure in the disability sector and raise awareness about the organisation in the community.

Central Coast Post School Options Inc t/a Options Disability Support : Client and Staff Management System and Project/Change Manager

Central Coast Post School Options sought to identify and implement changes that will improve services and support participants whilst securing revenue under the NDIS. There was also consideration given to develop strategies to focus on recruiting and retaining employees who have the required capabilities and demonstrate a person-centred approach.

Greenacres Disability Services : IT Solution - Client management system

Greenacres Disability Services upgraded their financial systems to unify several systems and develop tools to extract information from legacy sources to migrate data to the new system.

Mater Dei Ltd : IT Solution - Website development and extend current database

Mater Dei developed a website to respond to the rapidly emerging market in the Macarthur, Wollondilly and Wingecaribee areas; to extend strong partnerships and associations in the region. A database was developed to bring all files into the system which enables staff to access the database remotely and update client case notes.

Early Education (EarlyEd) Inc : IT Solution - Client management system

EarlyEd purchased and implemented a CRM to support the readiness for the NDIS, further growth, marketing and business development. This allowed EarlyEd to focus on finding business and NDIS systems that suit the needs of families of children and the services offered to families and children.

Australian Foundation for Disability (AFFORD) : Develop new website

AFFORD created a user friendly information website for people with disabilities to look at options and available services and activities available to get ready for NDIS.

Multitask Human Resource Foundation Ltd : IT Solution - Client management system

Multitask purchased and upgraded software to increase efficiency and deliver better outcomes for clients to improve overall organisation practices. More specifically the funds will build knowledge around the transition to NDIS, connect families with peer support to forge relationships and achieve goals and implement choice and control for people with a disability.

Job Centre Australia Ltd t/a First Contact Human Resources : IT Solution - Website upgrade

Job Centre Australia upgraded their existing website capability to provide better access to information for consumers transitioning into NDIS funding. Broadening access to mobile platform enabling adaptive technologies available in tablet and mobile form to be utilised.

Community Gateway Inc : IT Solution - Client management system

Community Gateway chartered a consultant to conduct and analysis of existing IT Infrastructure and develop an IT Strategy. Based on recommendations from the report sourced systems to gain business efficiencies, provide better information for clients and improve service delivery to support the organisation and clients going forward.

Beresfield & District Community Care Inc : Marketing and Advertising Strategies and Activities

Beresfield & District Community Care Inc were predominately known as a service for frail and aged people. Now that the organisation was providing support under the NDIS they engaged a business and marketing consultant to help promote the diversity of service that the organisation offers a variety of customers.

Alliance Health Services Group Pty Ltd : Website Redesign

Alliance Health Services Group Pty Ltd received funding to upgrade their website with specific disability pages. The scope of the project was expanded to ensure the Alliance Health website is interactive and able to be easily viewed from smart phones and tablets allowing our disability clients to easily access data from multiple devices.

A client portal was also developed enabling clients to log on and view personal information including budgets, monthly statements & rosters from any location.


The Industry Development Fund is delivered by National Disability Services on behalf of Family & Community Services: Ageing, Disability & Home Care.