Human Rights Online Training for Support Workers

An Introduction to Human Rights in Disability Services – An online training program for disability support workers in New South Wales

This free training program explores the concept of human rights, and how disability support workers can apply them in day-to-day practice.  The training program comprises five interactive online training modules, each taking about 20 minutes to complete. They can be done all at once or on separate occasions, and can be completed individually, in pairs or as a team.  Learning about human rights and applying them in disability services is not just a one-off — it's an ongoing journey. Organisations can use this as part of their induction process, to upskill or refresh the knowledge of existing workers.   The training is complemented by a comptency tool for managers to ensure application of the learnings from the online training.

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A training guide for managers [PDF 3.6MB] [WORD 68KB] has been developed to support managers and organisations to reinforce and build on disability support workers' understanding of human rights.  It complements the e-learning training program and may support a range of practices within an organisation incluuding, but not limited to performance appraisals, performance planning, ongoing professional development, group training sessions and team meetings.

Dion Beverakis – Person Centred Approaches Project Manager
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