It's Your Business - Chapter 10 Quality Management

Quality management provides a framework for service providers to understand what works well in their organisation, what needs to be improved and what needs to change to meet the needs of people receiving services. It is an important part of making sure that there are consistent and effective ways of managing service delivery and that the services provided are working well for the people you support. Providing assurance of quality services is particularly important in the context of person centred approaches to service delivery and the transition to individualised funding arrangements.

It is the responsibility of the corporate governance body to ensure that the service provider has a quality management system and that internal controls are in place to comply with relevant standards. The resources included at the end of this chapter provide templates and checklists to assist the corporate governance body in implementing a quality management system.

The chapter can be accessed here - It's Your Business - Chapter 10 Quality Management.

A series of Webinars based on the It's Your Business - Chater 10 Quality Management are also available.  The Webinars are aimed at Boards, CEOs, and Executive Teams in organisations.  A series of 4 webinars, each topic cn be viewed individually or as a series. The links to the webinars can be found below. 

Webinar 1 - Introducing Quality Management

Webinar 2 - Monitoring and Measuring Quality

Webinar 3 - Meeting the Disability Services Standards

Webinar 4 - Documentation and Reporting 



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