NDIS Provider Toolkit

The NDIS Provider Toolkit has been developed to help organisations to transition to the new market and maintain services that are viable and responsive, by helping them to understand and act to anticipate the opportunities and risks awaiting them. 

This new version of the Toolkit replaces the previous version issued in March 2013 by the NSW Industry Development Fund known as the NSW Sector Roadmap and Readiness Toolkit. The new version includes the addition of key financial ratios, and organisations who completed the original version can access the ratios only within the online tool. 

The online tool is available here. Organisations wishing to access individual sections of the tool can do within the online version. 

The IDF Sector Support Consultants can work with service providers to apply the toolkit to their own organisation. Consultants will work with organisational leaders via forums and/or coaching. This process will assess and review maturity across the seven key areas identified in the toolkit, establish strategic reform priorities and to identify any required resources and supports.

The NDIS Provider Toolkit includes:

  • The Road to Readiness - A map depicting how the new market for disability services will work, and what your organisation needs to do to prepare
  • The Seven Key Questions - Critical questions that your board and management team need to answer in preparing your organisation for the NDIS
  • The Key Financial Ratios Tool - Ratios that will give insight into your organisation's current financial position and how easy - or how difficult it might be to transition to a system of selling services to individual clients & receiving payments in arrears
  • A CalculationTool - is available: to make the calculation of key financial ratios easy
  • The Self-Assessment Tool - A core component of the Toolkit, allowing you to assess and rate your organisation's readiness for the NDIS
  • The Gap Analysis - to record organisation's current and preferred rating levels in order to identify issues for action
  • The Readiness Development Plan - to help plan for action on the identified gaps

For more information contact Karen Stace, IDF Senior Sector Support Consultant, on 0409 948 530 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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" I feel more confident about our current position and where we need to focus our attention in terms of future strategic directions in order to be NDIA ready", “will aid in getting staff interested and on board”, “The readiness tool is a valuable generally, not just for NDIS”


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