Aboriginal Community Engagement

Resources to assist your organisation in engaging with your local Aboriginal communities

Engagement with Aboriginal people with disability and their communities must be approached in a respectful manner. Participation in community events, Aboriginal inter-agencies and networks reflects the ability of disability organisations to form effective partnerships with their communities, as well as Aboriginal organisations.

It also allows organisations to develop an awareness and understanding of dynamics of political and social relations within the local Aboriginal communities.

The NDS Aboriginal Pathways Project developedthe following approach to effectively engage Aboriginal people, families and communities.

arp diagram

Through consultation with Aboriginal communities, the following resources were produced to guide organisations in effectively engaging with their local Aboriginal community:

A Guide to Cultural Proficiency in Service Delivery for Aboriginal People with Disability: Provides information for organisations on the delivery of culturally proficient services for Aboriginal people, families and communities.

Cultural Proficiency in Service Delivery for Aboriginal People – Toolkit: Provides practical tools to assist organisations in identifying and developing their cultural proficiency in relation to the delivery of services to Aboriginal people with disability.

A number of other resources that provide quality guidance and practical tools to assist disability organisations more effectively engage with Aboriginal people and communities. These are produced by a range of departments and stakeholders throughout Australia.

Reconciliation Australia: Welcome to and Acknowledgement of Country Q & A Factsheet: Provides information, guidance and advice to organisations in relation to conducting Acknowledgements to Country and Welcomes to Country.

NSW Department of  Community Services: Working with Aboriginal Communities - A Practice Resource: Provides guidance and tools for organisations to guide them in culturally respectful and appropriate ways to effectively engage with Aboriginal communities.

Toolkit for Indigenous Service Provision: Provides a series of practical tools to guide service providers in the delivery of effective culturally appropriate services for Aboriginal people.

Aboriginal Employment Guide



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