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Newcastle Community Transport Group Inc : Employ Consultant to assist with Partnership Transition/Strategy

Newcastle Community Transport Group and Mercy Community Services received funding to engage a consultant to develop a high level organisational assessments and potential transition strategy.

Orana Early Childhood Intervention & Education Project Inc : Employ Consultant to assist with alliance and strategy

Orana Early Childhood Intervention & Education Project Inc, Orange and District Early Education Program Inc & Bathurst Early Childhood Intervention Service Inc received funding to engage a consultant to assist the three organisations in the following areas:

Governance project – identified legal structures and models available for the consideration.

Strategic and business plan – developed to chart the potential direction of the three organisations.

Marking Plan – with identified activities that the three services can implement to assist in raising their profile within the region.

Costing and Pricing – of the existing service models. New pricing scenarios developed and considered. Accounting software were considered and sourced.

Christian Community Aid Service Inc : Consultant to scope service model

Christian Community Aid and Hunters Hill Ryde Community Services received funding to assess the feasibility of shared services and functions between organisations.  The aim of this project was to maintain viable and responsive services whilst transitioning to the NDIS. Click here for lessons learnt from a Merger Consideration Process

Kurri Kurri Community Centre Inc : Employ staff to project manage transition to NDIS

Kurri Kurri Community Centre has developed a marketing strategy to establish their Independent Living Centre and Property Services brands. The aim of the project was to improve promotion of their services to people with disability.

Muscular Dystrophy Association of NSW : Employ Transition Coordinator

Muscular Dystrophy Association employed an NDIS Transition Coordinator to develop a strategic report for Board members outlining actions required by the organisation to transition successfully to the NDIS. One outcome was an update of all online information and resources for people with disability.

Home Modifications Lake Macquarie/Newcastle Inc : Equipment purchase and compliance with building modification contracts

Home Modifications Lake Macquarie / Newcastle employed House and Yard Maintenance staff to broaden their NDIS service offerings, purchased lawn and gardening equipment to build capability and obtained legal guidance to update their contractual arrangements in line with regulation requirements.

Macarthur Diversity Services Initiative Ltd : Transition Project Officer

Macarthur Diversity Services Initiative (MDSI) employed a Transition Project Officer and with the assistance of a disability consultant worked with staff, volunteers and consumer groups to identify areas of need and look at potential market opportunities.

ACSN Inc : Transition Project Officer

ACSN Inc employed a Project Officer to assist the organisation, residents and families in the transition to the NDIS.

Peninsula Community Centre Inc t/a Coast Community Connections : Development of strategic alliance

The project enabled further development of Coast Community Connections' business strategy in preparation for NDIS through external review of merger plans.

The Industry Development Fund is delivered by National Disability Services on behalf of Family & Community Services: Ageing, Disability & Home Care.